Top Reasons Synthetic Diamonds Are Cheaper than Natural Diamonds

Diamonds are forever and that’s the reason it always has been in heavy demand. In fact, some specific types of jewelry, such as wedding rings, engagement rings, etc., diamonds are…

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Why Price Differs between Mined and Synthetic Diamonds?

Diamonds are beautiful in all forms and it is forever. The demand for diamonds keeps on getting increased day by day and mined diamonds are available in limited numbers. Furthermore,…

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Know Closely Lab Created Diamonds and Stimulants

The natural diamonds are created under the earth and it takes thousands of years. The extraction of natural diamonds also negatively affects natural resources and that is why they are…

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What Is More Important: Diamond Cut or Color?

Both diamond cut and color are used as evaluation factors to define the quality of a diamond. However, which is more important in the quality assessment process of a diamond…

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Diamond Cut Grades

How Is Lab Grown Diamond Cut Grades

Any diamond is graded with 4C: Cut, Carat, Clarity, and Color. As you can see one of the top characteristics used to grade a lab-grown diamond is cut. The reason…

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