7 Best Places to Buy Lab Grown Diamonds in Australia

You can purchase diamonds with the peace of mind that no child was forced to work in the mines, the environment wasn’t negatively affected and the damage to your pocket…

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Everything You Need to Know About Lab grown Diamonds

Megan Markel, Jeniffer Lopez, Rihanna… are just a few of the many celebrities who have caught on to the lab grown diamonds trend. Vogue magazine features a complete article about…

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Number one Place to Find Best Lab-Grown Diamonds Suppliers in the World

The natural diamond creation process can be duplicated within controlled environments to perfection. Lab-grown diamonds (LGD) are the products of that process. Today, trading in LGD is a preferred option…

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Best Lab Grown Diamond Suppliers

How to Find the Best Lab Grown Diamond Suppliers

When lab grown diamonds were first introduced to the market, the main concern was “are they the same as natural diamonds”. Today however, a lot of information is available to…

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JCK show in Las Vegas

All about JCK show in Las Vegas

The JCK show in Las Vegas is the world’s largest and most prestigious jewelry trade show. Held twice a year, in June and January, it is attended by more than…

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