Lab grown diamonds are gaining popularity for many reasons. The lab created diamonds are as beautiful as the natural diamonds and they hold the same characteristics as natural diamonds. Reducing the time of producing diamonds sounds amazing, but it can be done in a highly controlled environment by the experts. We, LGD Trade, have expertise in producing the best synthetic diamonds by following the most meticulous process.

Diamond processing plant

Here is the process followed by the traders listed on LGD to produce the best man made diamonds:

1.Pick the best diamond seeds and place it on a metal plate

The man made diamond experts handpick the best diamond seeds. The process of picking up the diamond seed needs proficiency in identifying the best seeds that can become a fine diamond later. Our experts perform this task with a highly meticulous approach. The selected diamond seeds are then placed on a specifically designed metal disk with a bunch of 15-30 pieces.

2.Put the Metal Plate with Diamond Seeds in the Growth Chamber

The growth chamber is also known as a diamond growing reactor. It is built with a highly controlled environment in which the natural conditions of producing diamonds are mimicked. We use superheated gases that are produced with Chemical Vapor Deposition (CVD) to grow CVD diamonds and High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) to breed HPHT diamonds. We use both of these processes as we offer both types of best synthetic diamonds.

3.Diamonds Grow in a highly controlled environment for couple of Weeks

The heat of the diamond growth chamber increases from 900 – 1200 Celsius. The diamond seed grows week by week under the controlled environment of different gases, temperature and pressure. As time passes, the diamond grows layer by layer and atom by atom like a natural diamond grows under earth crust.

4.Remove Raw Diamond from the growth chamber

Our technical experts keep monitoring the growth of the diamond seeds. At the moment when they sense the diamond holds the maximum characteristics of a gem and ready for the next step, they remove them from the growth chamber. At this stage, the lab created diamonds are raw diamonds in a cubic shape.

5.Cut and Polish

In the high tech factory, the rough diamond is polished and also shaped in different shapes such as, round, princess, radiant, cushion, oval, pear, heart, marquise, etc. The final polished and shaped diamond holds the same look and feel as well as the atomic characteristic as a natural diamond.

These five step process takes a lot of experience and we deliver you the best man made diamonds.

Inspect Diamond Seeds

Each seed is made of a repeating lattice of carbon atoms - just like natural diamonds. It’s carefully evaluated to ensure they are free of inclusions.

Plant the seeds on Disk

Prepare the surface for growth and place diamond seeds on metal disk- usually containing 15-30 diamond seeds

Placed in the chamber

Inject carbon-rich gases in chamber and excite the gases to an energy level where they form a plasma.

Super high Temperature

Control chamber pressure and temperature is increased to 900-12000 C

Let it grow

The activated carbon-hydrogen species attaches itself to the seed atom.

See in action

This process repeats itself endlessly for 3-4 weeks to replicate the crystal structure of the diamond seed in three dimensions.

Tightly monitored

Moment where seed crystal reach the desired diamond characteristics, quick removal alert been set to technician

Ready to Cut & Polish

Rough diamonds are removed from the chamber and cut and polish into gems