The Largest & Smartest Marketplace of Lab Grown Diamonds!

We, LGD Trade, are a well known name in the lab created diamond industry. We connect all best man made diamond merchants and buyers at a single global platform to provide the best buying and selling opportunities. The LGD Trade is an intelligent marketplace that showcases all different types of lab grown diamonds, including, but not limited to, natural colored diamonds, HPHT diamonds and CVD diamonds. We assure you the best quality diamond that contains all atomic elements of natural diamonds.

This platform is for both lab created diamond merchants and sellers. The lab grown diamond merchants can list their diamonds to sell to the retail and wholesale buyers all across the world. The merchants will get the best price for their diamonds. We sell all different types, sizes and shapes of diamonds and you can get buyers for all different types, sizes and shapes of diamonds. All you need to do is join us and start placing your synthetic diamond. You will receive bids and order requests. Everything will be done at your fingertips. You will also get the complete history of the diamonds sold, which you can use to devise strategies to increase your sales and ROI.

If you are a wholesale or retail lab grown diamond buyer looking for the best synthetic diamonds online, this is the place you are seeking for. We make sure to list only the best man made diamonds on our marketplace to delight the buyers. You can access the diamonds of different sizes, types, colors and styles from the worldwide merchants. All the listed diamonds at LGD Trade hold all characteristics of the natural diamonds and cultivated without harming nature. All these diamonds are of high quality and we have the best buyer policies to assure you get the best value over the money. You can access different categories to find the lab created diamonds of your choice. Place a bid or buy the diamond(s) of your choice. We have a payment protection mechanism to keep your sensitive information safeguard.

Our marketplace is built with a purpose to provide a smart platform to the lab grown diamond merchants, so they can exhibit and sell their masterpieces here. At the same time, we thrive to offer a wide variety of lab grown diamond buyers, so they can get simple to unique synthetic diamond with ease.

As a merchant, you will get the best price for your synthetic diamonds and as buyers you will get the convenience of buying the best synthetic diamonds online.

Our Achievements & Success

We are one of the biggest and smart lab grown diamond marketplaces with highly proactive buyer seller market in the synthetic diamond industry. Currently, our market place is growing fast. At the moment, we have

It is one of the Biggest global diamond business trade platforms

The Largest & Smartest marketplace of Lab Grown Diamonds!

The platform where Buyers & Sellers connects each other in a most convenient way

Inbound Marketing & FAQ's

Take a look at some of the most frequently asked questions in the minds of consumers while trading the diamonds.

If there’s a question you will get the answer from below, in case you won’t find your answer feel free to drop us a message.

Yes, definitely. Whenever you are buying for diamonds, one of the first things you should ask your vendor/seller is whether the diamond comes with a certificate. A highly recognized certificate is useful if you plan to sell your diamond anytime in the future.
Buying diamonds using LGD platform is quicker & easier and According to your buying interest LGD will start working for you and expose you only to stones that match your buy request parameters - bringing you closer to your desired stone.
To become a LGD member: Click on "Register with us" from the home page. Follow three very easy steps to complete the subscription process.
We suggest you to buy only diamonds that are graded by GIA or AGS. Check the inscription of the diamond to make sure it tallies with the information on the grading report.
The LGD trading app is designed to help LGD members trade online anytime, and from anywhere. You can buy and sell and see your stock on your mobile devices. It is an easy n user-friendly app, keeping you up to date with your trading activities. Yes, you have to be a registered member to use it.
Yes we do have many clients having inventory in thousands of stones. You can be do it by clicking on Stock upload. To publish your stones for sale you will be directed to a simple upload process where you can upload a file which contains the full list of the available stones you want to sell.
Yes we do provide customer support. Our support team is working 24/7 for you. If you have any questions don't hesitate to contact us
When you sign in to the site/app, you can click the "Forgot your password?" link and enter the email address you used for registration. You will get an email message with a link for setting a new password.

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