LGD Trade is a renowned name in the industry of lab grown diamonds. We cater to all customers across the world for their traditional to unconventional and retail to wholesale needs. At the same time, we provide the best platform to lab created diamond merchants to showcase and sell their synthetic diamonds online.

Why Lab Grown Diamonds?

You might have a question as a buyer that why to buy lab created diamonds over natural diamonds or you might be absolutely clueless about what lab grown diamonds actually are. You will get answers to all your questions within a few minutes by reading on.

Environment Friendly

The best man made diamonds are produced in a highly controlled lab environment unlike the process of mining the natural diamonds which is a high energy intensive process, actually harming the environment and mother earth. The lab created diamonds contribute in preserving the natural resources and help in maintaining healthy global environment. We all are well aware of the global environmental issues and encouraging usage of the lab grown diamonds can contribute a good proportion in positive direction.

As Qualitative As Natural Diamonds

The lab grown diamonds hold all the qualities a natural diamond holds. It consist of the same atomic structure and characteristics as well as the same precious value as the natural diamond. The synthetic diamond are produced by experts in a way that it holds bottom up elements of a natural diamond. Moreover, this type of diamond is equally beautiful in compare to the natural diamond. You can say the lab created diamonds are so identical to the natural diamonds that one wouldn't be able to differentiate both until and unless he/she is a diamond expert.

Quicker Production

The normal process of developing the natural diamonds takes centuries. Then after, there is a long and tedious process of mining these raw diamonds which put both, environment and humans on stake. On the contrary, the process of producing best synthetic diamonds is completely safe and eco-friendly as well as faster than the natural process. It takes 3-12 weeks in producing different types of lab grown diamonds. This reduces the wait time and issue of scarcity of quality diamonds.

Better Choices

The process of lab created diamonds has bestowed many benefits and one of the biggest benefits is the variety of diamonds one can get. You can get the best man made diamonds in different size, shape and color.

Competitive Rates

The process of mining natural diamonds and the time of development makes them very expensive. However, the emergence of market of the lab created diamonds has introduced competitive rates. Of course, it takes a lot of investment and expertise to produce the best man made diamonds, but this type of diamonds are available at competitive rates compared to the natural diamonds.