Why Price Differs between Mined and Synthetic Diamonds?


Diamonds are beautiful in all forms and it is forever. The demand for diamonds keeps on getting increased day by day and mined diamonds are available in limited numbers. Furthermore, the process of mining natural diamonds negatively affects natural resources. Thus, many conflicts and controversies are connected with a majority of mined diamonds. Due to the same fact, they are also known as blood diamonds. Its alternative is synthetic diamonds.

The synthetic diamonds, also known as lab-created or manmade diamonds, are produced in a lab. They are created in the same environment as under the earth to produce natural diamonds. Thus, synthetic diamonds hold the same chemical and physical properties. They are also as beautiful as natural diamonds. Also, one can get them in different colors and shapes. Then, how do these diamonds differ from each other? There are some major differences apart from the fact that one of them gets developed naturally and another is manmade. Read on to know more about synthetic diamonds vs. natural diamonds.

Cost of Mined and Synthetic Diamonds

One of the major differences between these two types of diamonds is the cost. The mined diamonds are more expensive than synthetic diamonds. At a minimum, natural diamonds are 40 to 60 per cent more expensive than its counterparts.

Does it mean lab-grown diamonds are of low quality?

Not at all! As mentioned earlier, the manmade diamonds are created by imitating the same HPHT – High-Pressure High-Temperature environment in a lab on the diamond seeds. The process continues until the diamonds are produced. The synthetic diamonds also go through the process of evaluation for four major grading factors: 4C – Cut, Carat, Clarity, and Color. They are not at all simulated diamonds. They are real diamonds just like natural diamonds. The only difference is they are produced in the lab.

There are some authorized organizations that test lab grown diamonds to see its purity and only if they pass the tests, they get a certification from that organization. The certified synthetic diamonds are as pure as natural diamonds.  Also, the manmade diamonds don’t fade away with time. It gives the same shine and sparks forever. Its beauty will stay intact.

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As per the top jewelers and diamond certified companies, when you compare both natural and lab created diamonds, you can get similar values in both. Even if both of these types of diamonds hold exactly the same values, the mined diamonds will be costlier than its alternatives. On the other hand, the lab created diamonds will be cheaper as well as ethical. It doesn’t affect natural resources or doesn’t harm nature.

In a nutshell, when you come across all synthetic diamonds vs. natural diamonds facts, you get to know that the first option is better in all ways. It neither harms nature nor your pocket.

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