Facts You May Not Know About Lab-Grown Diamonds

When you hear the term “lab-grown diamond,” most of you immediately flee. You have a distinct impression that the glistening gems are not genuine diamonds but rather a cheap counterfeit….

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A comparison of lab-grown and natural diamond prices: Reveals some exciting differences in pricing

Lab-grown diamonds are a hotly debated subject. There has been a lot of buzz about lab-grown diamonds, both good and evil, in recent years. When looking for a diamond, you…

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Jewelers are switching from using natural diamonds to diamonds produced in a lab

The world’s largest jewelry producer by volume—Pandora, one of the first significant jewelers to do so, aims to cease its usage of mined diamonds entirely.  The Copenhagen jeweler known for…

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Lab-Grown Diamond: CVD vs. HPHT

There are two ways to make lab-grown diamonds: HPHT (high pressure, high temperature) or chemical vapor deposition (CVD) (CVD). It’s critical to know the distinctions between HPHT and CVD diamonds…

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Blood Free Diamonds

Why are Lab-Grown Diamonds Called Conflict-Free and Blood-Free?

The constant rise in the use of lab-grown diamonds suggests that they will soon replace mined diamonds completely. The man-made hard stones are being used for both industrial and jewelry…

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