Top 101 Lab Grown Diamond Suppliers in India

Which supplier comes to mind when you think of lab grown diamonds? Whether you are totally green about this or you may have a few in mind, this article will give you an updated list of the top 101 lab grown diamond suppliers in India. With such an exhaustive list, you cannot fail to find the right fit for your needs whether you are a jeweler or an individual looking for a bit of bling that does not cost the environment dearly.

The majority of the suppliers here deal in lab grown diamonds for the fashion and luxury industry but you will also find many that supply man made diamonds for industrial purpose. Those are some of the top lab grown diamonds manufacturers in the country. Let’s get started.

Bhanderi Lab Grown Diamonds

When you talk of perfecting the process of growing diamonds in a lab, Bhanderi is one of the pioneers of this. They provide their clients with some of the best quality diamonds at a favorable price. They are considered one of the top lab grown diamond suppliers not just in India, but all around the world. Thousands of retailers depend on them to provide the best CVD diamonds.

The company pioneers innovative technology which perfects the creation of lab grown diamonds. They have the goal of having these precious stones in every home around the world.

Bhanderi Lab Grown Diamonds is located in Surat and is the pride of the region. Several Business Journals have featured the supplier as one of the rising stars of Surat.

C.Dinesh & Co

The price of these diamonds is one of the most endearing factors that put C.Dinesh & Co among the top suppliers of lab grown diamonds. Of course, we would not just recommend a supplier because of price alone. You can couple that with good quality diamonds and an efficient delivery system. You would also have a wide selection of shapes to choose from.

Created Diamonds Inc

When searching for a great supplier of colored diamonds, you will be pleased to deal with Created Diamonds Inc. they are top lab grown diamond manufacturers in India. The company goes the extra mile to please its clients by offering a variety of quality precious stones.

QG India Lab Grown LLP

Although based in Mumbai India, this company has links to the USA. They deal mainly in import and export of gems. Lab grown diamonds in different shapes and sizes are what they provide both to the Indian and American market. QG has been recognized by different organizations for its outstanding quality.

Diyora LGD

For some suppliers, it hasn’t taken them long to make their mark in the world of LGD. Diyora LGD are a new kid on the block but their commitment to quality and customer satisfaction makes them a name to reckon with. Based in Surat, this supplier is making amazing progress in the industry.

Nishal Gems

They make big promises when describing themselves and sure to their word, they are everything they claim to be. It is always great to come across a supplier that has equal portions of bark and bite. Nishal is one of the top lab grown diamonds manufacturers with certification from the international gemological institute.

Tiku Gems

There is something about square diamonds that will make them look impressive. Tiku Gems has a large inventory of square diamonds just waiting to be delivered anywhere.

Pure Lab Diamonds

When you think of convenience when searching for a supplier for LGD, online stores should be what you choose. Pure Lab diamonds is among the best online suppliers. The order process is smooth and they have a wide display of diamonds so you almost feel like you are right there in a real store. You will also like their prices that are competitive.

Anjali Diamonds Pvt Ltd

The manufacturing process at Anjali Diamonds is a combination of passion and science. They use cutting edge technology to come up with stunning CVD diamonds. It is always their goal to create the perfect diamond and often they get a hairbreadth close to it

Brahmani Exports

Looking for a supplier with ample reach around the world? This is your answer and you will not be disappointed.

Ice International

With the kind of customer care given by Ice international, it is a no brainer that they should be included among the top lab grown diamond suppliers. You can view the diamonds on their online store and order whatever you are attracted to. Thousands of diamond lovers depend on this store to hook them up with “ice.”

Suvidhi Diamond

Here is a wholesale supplier that can be depended on. Unlike some LGD suppliers who may have a very long response time, Suvidhi is known for promptly responding to inquiries and orders. In a short time, you will have your bulk orders delivered anywhere in India and beyond. Their price is also appealing to many retailers.

Mira Gems

It is important to consider experience when choosing top lab grown diamonds suppliers. But experience should be evident in the quality of diamonds provided as well as the service. With Mira Gems you see this evidently and will agree they deserve their spot on this list. 20 years and counting in this industry is worth the recognition.

Vala Brothers

Oval cut diamonds in bulk are what they will readily supply you. The customer care is impressive.

Dhanlaxmi Export

Cut stones, fully designed jewelry and so many more lab grown diamonds in different shapes and sizes are among the products they supply. Located in Surat, this supplier has been doing this since 2014. Adjusting to the buyer trends, they have a strong online presence.

Royal Gems

This could very easily become a woman’s best supplier. Royal gems focuses on the beauty industry and has a wide selection of ornamental jewelry. For an individual or retailer looking for luxury lab grown diamonds, this is a supplier to have in mind.

Ruchita Diamonds

For some of the best loose diamonds, this is the best option you can get. They have an online presence which makes it easy to order.

Wins Jewel

Depending on Wins Jewel is a sure win for anyone trying to buy some of the finest options in jewelry. With great pricing and the assurance of certification from trusted gemologists, you can be sure you are getting genuine stones at a good price.

Rising Diamonds

If your main interest is bracelets, here is the supplier you should contact. There are various well designed bracelets finished with LGD encrusting. Both wholesale and single orders are accepted.

Nuvo Diamonds Corp

Within the jewelry industry, very few suppliers can boast of having a reputation that rivals Nuvo. 50 years under the belt is hard to compete and the supplier has not found it hard to embrace lab grown diamonds which are now seen as a better option to natural diamonds.


Despite not offering certified LGD, their diamonds look very much like the real thing. They use the CVD process and still end up with clear diamonds in different shapes. For people on a budget, this is recommended.

Finegrown Diamonds

They are not just among the top suppliers, but also the top lab grown diamonds manufacturers. There is something for just about everyone. Wholesalers trust Fine grown just as much as small jewelry stores. Their forte is white diamonds but you can still find a good selection of colored diamonds as well.


Retailers can find different options of lab grown diamonds here. They have carats ranging from 0.025 and above. You can also choose different shapes and colors.

Sanskar Diamonds

This is one of the prides of Mumbai. They supply LGD not just in Mumbai but all over India. Even clients outside India can make orders and the precious stones will be promptly delivered. Quality is a defining mark of this supplier.

Khodal Exim

An impressive assortment of lab grown diamonds can be purchased from Khodal Exim. when we talk about top lab gron diamond manufacturers, they are among the first that come to mind.

Ethereal Green

Sometimes you need to do the magnificent to prove you are one of the top in the industry. Ethereal proved their point when they grew a 30 carat diamond. But of course not everyone will want a giant diamond. They are aware of that and supply some of the finest ordinary sized diamonds.

Brilliant Trading

Treated and polished CVD diamonds are what they offer at a great price. Their wholesale offer is enticing and delivery is prompt.

Cosmos Diamonds

If you want to be positive that your diamond supplier cares about the environment and not just the money, this is the supplier you should look at. Cosmos make climate neutral diamonds. It may be something new to you, but a lot of top manufacturers are catching on to it and it is referred to as the fifth C when grading lab grown diamonds.

Infinity International

When it comes to sharing information about their products, they are the best. You can shop online for lab grown diamonds and feel as if you are having a physical chat with their representative. They get an A for customer information.

Lab Grown Diamonds

They do it all, growing, cutting and designing lab grown diamonds. No one can deny them a place among top 101 lab grown diamond suppliers in India. They supply diamonds in North America, Europe and Asia.


They offer customized letter rings that are great for parties or as gifts. These impressive 14K rings are loved by millennials as well as people who would like to get jewelry with extra sentimental designs.

Limelight Diamond Store

This is an international lab grown diamond supplier. Created as the LGD arm of De Beers, you could call it the supplier born with a silver spoon in the mouth. They have the backing of a highly respected diamond company. Supplying these stones is easy for them and they know what a quality diamond should look like.

Shubham Impex

Igi and GIA certified lab diamonds can be purchased from Shubham Impex. They are serious about their work and will not delay getting merchandise to their clients. The pricing is also great.

Rohin Diamonds

Customer service plays a big part in determining how good a supplier is. Here is a supplier who does an impressive job of this. They do a great job of growing the diamonds as well. When you think of CVD diamonds, they are among the top manufacturers of these gemstones.

Arihant Creators

Impressive party rings can be purchased from this supplier. The 14 carat diamond encrusted gold ring is a favorite among many online shoppers. Customized orders can also be made.

Diyam Impex

You can get the best of both growing processes. Diyam Impex has diamonds created using the CVD process as well as HPHT. Very few diamond manufacturers and suppliers in Surat can rival what they do. They are well recognized as one of the top lab grown diamonds suppliers.

RJ Gems and Jewel’S

Some of the most impressive pieces by this manufacturer are the lab grown diamonds with gold rings. They exude beauty, class and elegance. Celebrities, the high and mighty as well as jewelry collectors will be drawn to these rings.

Malabar Gold & Diamonds

Celebrities, A listers as well as the ordinary folk love the jewelry supplied by Malabar Gold and Diamonds. They are ot just a supplier in India, their products are available in 10 other countries around the world. Many people will insist that they are the best lab grown diamond supplier in the world.

Shah and Sons

They have built their reputation over the years and now find their place among the top lab grown diamonds suppliers. Their diamonds are well grown and look just like natural diamonds. Customers can order for the shapes they prefer.

Amiable Diamonds

You will be hard pressed to find a supplier who can match the output by this supplier. They can sustain high production and supply which is why so many retailers are happy to depend on them for their LGD needs.

Gem World

What we love about Gem World is the fact that you get all the information about the diamond you are buying upfront. The diamonds are certified and the packaging contains everything you need to know about what you are purchasing.

Kiran Gems

This is a company that has had years of experience to get it right when it comes to customer satisfaction. Since its beginning in 1985, customer experience has been one of their driving factors. Of course the quality of their gems makes them even more deserving of a place on the list. You can be sure to get certified man made gems from them.

Excellent Corporation

Reasonably priced diamonds coupled with impressive quality will certainly make a supplier one of the top lab grown diamonds suppliers. This is what Excellent Corporation offers and much more. You only need to read reviews about them to confirm this.

Lathiya Gems

Your expectations will be matched plus some more when you purchase lab grown diamonds from Lathiya gems. They know that luxury is not just about quality. A number of factors will make you feel like they are a luxury brand including the way they treat you and their after sales service.

ABD Diamonds

This is one of the biggest exporters of LGD to the USA. After imposing themselves on the Indian market, they set their sights on the American market and they are doing an impressive job. The brilliant workmanship put into designing the diamonds puts them as one of the top lab grown diamonds manufacturers.

Pious Eco Diamonds

They have a great marketing strategy that involves reminding customers of the responsibility to conserve the environment. When you buy any of their wide selection of diamonds, you also feel like you are supporting responsible commerce that saves our environment. These lab gems are certified so you will be sure they are not fakes.

Leranath Diamond

This is one of the best suppliers for customized diamonds. Located in the thick of lab grown diamond manufacture in India, Surat, this company manages to compete favorably with the competition by ensuring favorable pricing for great quality.


They are intent on providing something for everyone. There is a wide selection of lab diamonds in different sizes, shapes and colors. These can be chosen physically, or online where they provide a great 360 view of the different pieces available. Buyers with different budgets can find what they want from this supplier.

Syndiora Luxury Lab Grown

Creativity is abundant at Sydiora Luxury Lab. This however does not stop the customer from giving their input. You can order for customized designs if you are not comfortable with what they have already created. It is also great that they are not over priced.

H.A Impex

Diamonds of different shapes and designs can be supplied to you ready for sale or even to wear. They take the time to package them in impressive boxes so you know you are purchasing luxury items.

Rahi Impex

Although many of the suppliers of lab grown diamonds focus on white diamonds, Rahi will happily supply colored diamonds. What are you interested in? Pink, yellow or even green? You can order colored man made diamonds and they will provide them to you as soon as possible.

Maitri Lab Grown Diamonds

Though not a very familiar name in the industry, Maitri Lab Grown Diamonds are worth the mention on this list. They exhibit flawless customer care and the pricing of their merchandise if competitive. It is only a matter of time before more people take notice of this new entrant to the market.

Krystal Grown Diamonds

A lot of work has been put into research on creating lab grown diamonds and it seems to be paying off for this supplier. With a state of the art lab, they are able to create enough diamonds to cater for the demand of their clients. Retailers and wholesalers are always pleased with Krystal Grown Diamonds. They are suitably included on this list as top lab grown diamonds manufacturers.

Angular Diamonds

From Surat, you can get this supplier to provide you with excellent lab grown diamonds. Your satisfaction is important to them so you will be in good hands.

RRP Diamond

When searching for a top supplier, it is important you know how well they deliver the items and what their return policy is. With RRP, you will be impressed by their commitment to getting these right. It is mainly an online store but you can still get a good view of what they are selling before you order.

Eco Lab grown Diamonds

Never forget that whenever you buy lab grown diamonds, you are promoting a cleaner environment. Eco LGD makes sure you remember that. Even as they grow their gemstones, they try their best to reduce any possible negative impact on the environment. The results are brilliant pieces of jewelry and a clean conscience as far as the environment is concerned.

Universal Technomech

They deliver eco-friendly diamonds cut particularly to make bangles. The stones are clear and impressive.

Sharaj Diamonds

It is based in Mumbai and quickly becoming popular around India. They are fairly new to the market but they can already claim a sport among the top 101 LGD suppliers in India. Quality and efficiency play a big role in ensuring their endearment to the customers.

Maiora Diamonds

For a fine selection of jewelry, Maiora is the best supplier. Special mention is made about their lab grown diamond earrings which attract a lot of women. The showroom is nice and spacious and the staff are friendly and helpful. Whether you are an individual shopping for just one item or a retailer looking to restock, this supplier will meet your demands everytime.

Munjani Impex

Men who love diamond watches will be impressed by the wide selection offered by Mujani Impex. Orders can be made online on different platforms. The reaction time is impressive and you can have your LGD watch delivered in time for that surprise party.

HRB Exports

Many people point out that online payments need to be safe. HRB will always inform their clients that they have nothing to fear when making payments for their man made gemstones. They also have an assortment of well designed engagement rings which can be delivered fast to any location around the world.

Gemone Diamonds

Are you looking for something unique? Maybe you should consider black diamonds. These are some of the inventory at Gemone Diamonds. Natural black diamonds are hard to come by but with LGD, these can be grown for you and will look exquisite. They supply diamonds throughout Europe and America.

Bapa Sitaram

With a great deal of experience under their belt, Bapa Sitaram is among the top 101 lab grown diamond suppliers in India. They focus on CVD diamonds and can supply them in different shapes.

Ouros Jewels

They make diamonds that will impress both the wearer and those that see them. Ouros has stunning pieces of jewelry that feature lab grown diamonds as the centerpiece. They have incredibly gifted designers who know what will appeal to the customers.

M D S Stone

They have a large warehouse with lots of lab grown diamonds ready for supply to buyers. You can also order for different colored stones including black, pink and green among others.

Janani International

They choose to combine both natural and man made diamonds in their inventory. If you want a one stop shop for both types of diamonds, they are your supplier. You will have access to certified diamonds and they can be delivered to you in India or abroad.


Its pleasing when you have a supplier that can accept returns without asking questions. That is exactly what this supplier is known for. Their 15 day return policy means you are better assured that they will always try to give you what you ask for. You can also benefit from free shipping. Jewlbox is located in Kulkata but supplies LGD anywhere.

Goldiam International

Here is another supplier from Mumbai. There is a lot of competition in Mumbai and this improves the quality of the lab diamonds as well as the service. Goldiam is one of the suppliers giving it’s competitors a run for their money.

Gurukrupa Gems

Not every shopper knows a lot about lab grown diamonds. Gurukrupa Gems are aware of that and that is why they try to be available every step of the way to guide the clients. This makes for a smooth customer experience and keeps many coming back.

Shree Giriraj Impex

Based in Surat, Shree Giriraj Impex is among the best when it comes to efficiency. The business has been making strides towards getting to the top and the efforts are paying off. They have a long list of customers and yet they still manage to meet the demand.

Nakshu Jewels

Ulike most family businesses that like to remain set in their ways, Nakshu Jewels changes with the times. The business has been operating for 40 plus years and decided to embrace lab grown diamonds which have an appeal to the younger generation. They are proving to be a force to reckon with in the industry and the customers are not complaining.

Crystal and More Exporters

They have proved themselves to be reliable when it comes to exporting lab grown diamonds. They know the ropes and execute the supply of these gems outside India perfectly. Packaging as well as delivery is impressive and the diamonds are of great quality.

Mahadev Diamond

It is reassuring knowing you are buying lab grown diamonds from a supplier who also trains gemologists. They can provide you with certified diamonds all the time. Mahadev Diamond is located in Surat but supplies diamonds around the world.

Nvision Diamjewel

Looking for a supplier who will save you from having to check with several manufacturers? That is what you will get from this supplier. They source lab grown diamonds from different top lab grown diamonds manufacturers. You will also be happy with their fast delivery wherever you are in India and outside the country.

Parin Gems

They supply ethically sourced lab grown diamonds from some of the best manufacturers around India. The environment matters to most lab grown diamond buyers and Parin is aware of this. These diamonds are also fairly priced.

Atharva International Trade

This supply ensures that their diamonds have the green light for export. Their LGD are internationally certified and that is why they supply more diamonds abroad that within India where they are located.

V Raj Exports 

They can do all that you require when it comes to lab grown diamonds. Right from the growing process to the delivery and everything else in between. Whether you want diamonds in India or some remote island in the pacific, they will do all that they can to get you what you want.

Ajahara Diamonds

This is an impressive family owned business that continues to evolve with the times. You can get wonderfully designed lab grown diamonds from them. All their diamonds are certified and they can customize the designs based on what you prefer.

Maany Diam

They provide some of the best CVD diamonds you can find in India. This supplier has been manufacturing diamonds since 2005. The diamonds can be easily delivered to you and they seem to have no problem dealing with bulk orders.

Aj Design and Retail

They have the testimonies of retailers in India who are happy with their service. Designing jewelry is something they are among the best at and that is why many people keep coming back.

Radhe Diamond

Many jewelers who want CVD diamonds will depend on Radhe Diamond. They have made a name for themselves in India and seem to have their eyes set on the international market. A lot is invested in improving the process of growing diamonds and their products are proof of that.

Vinod Kumar & Co

Supply is their business. They do not just supply LGD, you can contact them to provide other accessories related to the jewelry industry. They have been in this business since the 1990s and they keep getting better at it.

Shanxi Jiachen International Trade Co

Not all the top lab grown diamonds suppliers are in India, you can also find some impressive ones outside. This particular one is based in China but guarantees 3 day delivery to India and many other locations around the world.

Rajhans Enterprise

One of the impressive traits of this supplier is how updated their online store is. You will see the latest inventory within a day of it being available. They are loved for their colored lab grown diamonds and the pricing is perfect considering you will be getting quality diamonds.

Sharman Diamonds

Whether it is uncut LGD or jewelry, Sharma Diamonds will get them to their customers internationally. They seem not to care about distance, it’s just happy customers that motivate them.

Cupid Diamonds Pvt Ltd

With a great selection of man made diamond jewelry, this supplier does an impressive job of getting diamonds to anyone who needs them. They deal with wholesalers, retailers as well as individuals.

Dirgh Diamond

We cannot all afford certified lab grown diamonds. Well, when you want to save a few dollars but ensure you are getting something genuine, then you can buy uncertified man made diamonds from Dirgh Diamond. They do have certified ones as well so everyone is a winner with this supplier.

Aom Diamond

A supplier focused on people will often win hearts. Aom endears itself to the customers by always making them feel special. They also will provide you with fine pieces that make it worth the price.

HK Jewelers

When searching for suppliers of engagement rings, you should consider this one. They have well crafted diamond rings made using expert technology and supervision. The man made diamonds can be any color you choose, but remember colored diamonds will cost more.

Eternity Diamonds

Lab grown diamond suppliers who are part of a larger brand will always find a way into lists like this. They have a network to depend on as well as experience. They can also afford to hire the best in the business.


You can have the LGD delivered right to you wherever you are. It is also easy to order with Kbk because they are on several platforms including social media and always ready to help. There is a wide selection of colored diamonds as well as white ones.

Polo Glass

These are man made diamonds made for those who love luxury and style. They are a luxury brand but they will surprise you with certain jewels that are not as expensive as you might have imagined.

Madhav Textiles

Textile and jewelry quite often go together. This seems to be the reason Madhav Textiles diversified their operations to include lab grown diamonds. They source the best quality of these man made stones with a 99.9% purity. Based in Surat, they supply both diamonds and fabrics around India.

Amar Diamonds

There is a wide variety of jewelry supplied by this LGD supplier. Young lovers looking for engagement rings, someone looking to impress a dear one with earrings or a pendant can all find them here. They have the backing of a known brand Etsy and they are making their own name in the industry as well.

Tushar Gems

Tushar does not limit itself to lab grown diamonds, they also have esthetic diamonds and natural ones. They manufacture their own LGD while they source the natural ones from ethical sources. Their supply network has proved impressive so far.

Hiraco India Pvt

Buyers like the idea of being able to sample the diamonds before they purchase them. This is the policy of Hiraco India which seems to reduce the number of people that end up returning what they have already paid for. Such a supplier truly deserves its spot on this list.


This is a Jaipur based top lab grown diamonds manufacturer. They grow the diamonds using both the CVD and HPHT processes. Their products are exquisite and attract buyers from different corners of India.

Sky Exports

With less than a decade of experience in the business, Sky Export still manages to impress and win a place on this list. The Surat based exporter started supplying lab grown diamonds in 2018 and has continued to please thousands of customers.

Khamkar Diamond

A supplier that gives its customers a 2 year warranty is obviously confident about their product. Many buyers praise the supplier for their superior quality man made gems and their return policy.

Globoss Impex

Here is one of the top lab grown diamonds manufacturers in India who mainly provide diamonds for industrial purposes. If you are looking for uncut diamonds, you should contact them. The lab diamonds can also be cut for use in jewelry and other luxury artifacts.

Janapriya Engineering

A company that has been in existence since 1981 is obviously getting something right. Although they may have started off in a different industry, the current demand for lab grown diamonds has pushed them to satisfy that demand and they are doing a great job.

Sonani Jewels

They grow diamonds in Surat and supply them throughout India and the rest of the world. Their capacity to meet bulk demand is steadily growing and so is the confidence customers put in them.

Final Suggestion

If you are looking for the top lab grown diamond suppliers, it is important that you do not just read this list and make an order. Choose about 5 of the suppliers and manufacturers on the list and then contact them. Your interaction with them can help you makeup your mind. There are a number of manufacturers in Surat but not all of them can be the top so pay close attention when making a choice. Find out how fast they deliver and how safe transactions on their site are.

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