Jewel Box – Revolutionizes the Indian Luxury Market with a 5-Shark Deal on Lab-Grown Diamonds

In a recent episode of Shark Tank India, the spotlight shone on Jewel Box, a startup specializing in lab-grown diamonds (LGDs). The remarkable turn of events saw all five Sharks…

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Millennials Choose Lab Grown Diamonds

5 Reasons Why Millennials Choose Lab Grown Diamonds

The times have changed and the people are switching over to things that work for them and not that have been working for the collective culture. Lab Grown Diamonds are…

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Why Price Differs between Mined and Synthetic Diamonds?

Diamonds are beautiful in all forms and it is forever. The demand for diamonds keeps on getting increased day by day and mined diamonds are available in limited numbers. Furthermore,…

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Diamond Cut Grades

How Is Lab Grown Diamond Cut Grades

Any diamond is graded with 4C: Cut, Carat, Clarity, and Color. As you can see one of the top characteristics used to grade a lab-grown diamond is cut. The reason…

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grown diamond

Here Are the Answers of All FAQ Related to Lab-Grown Diamonds

Just like real diamonds, there is a very big market of lab-grown diamonds. There are many people in the world that buy and sell this type of diamonds. However, there…

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