Diamond Cut Grades

How Is Lab Grown Diamond Cut Grades

Any diamond is graded with 4C: Cut, Carat, Clarity, and Color. As you can see one of the top characteristics used to grade a lab-grown diamond is cut. The reason…

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diamond cut and shapes

What Is the Difference between Diamond Cut and Shape?

The most important two terms diamond cuts and diamond shapes are often used interchangeably by most of the people, but the fact is both differ from each other. Of course,…

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grown diamond

Here Are the Answers of All FAQ Related to Lab-Grown Diamonds

Just like real diamonds, there is a very big market of lab-grown diamonds. There are many people in the world that buy and sell this type of diamonds. However, there…

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HPHT Diamond

What Are HPHT Diamond and How Is The Making Process

The Lab Grown Diamonds are gaining popularity for a plethora of benefits offered by them. There are different types of lab created diamonds available in the market and it is…

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How to Take Care of Lab Grown Diamonds

Jewelry needs care and cleaning to keep its brightness and spark intact. The lab-grown diamonds also need your care and time to time cleaning so you can keep it looks…

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