Here Are the Answers of All FAQ Related to Lab-Grown Diamonds

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Just like real diamonds, there is a very big market of lab-grown diamonds. There are many people in the world that buy and sell this type of diamonds. However, there are still some people that are not really confident about the idea of buying synthetic diamonds. In this article, you will get answers to all common questions related to lab-grown diamonds.

Are these Real Diamonds?

Yes. These diamonds are 100% real and it holds the same characteristics and optical and chemical properties as the earth made diamonds. They are so real that no jeweler can differentiate these two with common tools.

Are Synthetic and Lab Grown Diamonds the same?

Yes, the lab-grown diamonds are addressed with various names such as synthetic diamonds, lab-made diamonds, lab-created diamonds, man-made diamonds, cultivated diamonds, grown diamonds, and cultured diamonds.

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Does this Diamond Fade Over Time?

No, it doesn’t fade, cloud or discolor over time.

Can a Jeweler Differentiate a Lab-Grown Diamonds and Natural Diamonds?

This type of diamonds holds the same quality and properties as the mined diamonds. Thus, no trained or experienced jeweler can differentiate these two. Also, normal tools cannot find the difference between the two. There is some special equipment available such as Photoluminescence Spectroscopy to identify the difference.

What is the Process of Growing Diamonds in the Lab?

This is a complex process, but in simpler words, we can define it like this: in a highly controlled lab environment, the same pressure and the environment get created as the one created to build the mined diamonds. The whole process needs expertise as well as careful administration of the process.

How Much Time Does it Take to Grow a Diamond?

The time varies based on the type and carat of the diamond. For example, to grow a 1-carat lab created diamond, it takes 7 to 10 days and to grow a 3-carat lab made diamond, it takes 30 to 31 days.

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Are Lab Grown Diamonds Cheaper?

No, because the process of creating synthetic diamonds is expensive. Moreover, often the lab-created diamonds hold better quality than their counterparts. Thus, they are expensive, but not as expensive as mined diamonds. One can take benefit of discount offers on the lab-made diamonds which make them cheaper.

Are all Lab-Grown Diamonds Cost the Same?

No, the cost of a man-made diamonds depends on various factors such as its color property, its shape, cuts, etc.

Is There Any Authorization that Grades this Type of Diamonds?

Yes, there are many non-profit organizations that grade and certify the lab-created diamonds. Some of the popular names are GIA, GCAL, IGI and, EGL.

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Can I get Insurance on Lab Made Diamonds?

Yes, you can. There are some authorized insurance companies that appraise and insure the synthetic diamonds.

Can I Resell These Diamonds?

Yes, of course. Just like a mined diamond, you can also resell a lab-made diamond. Hope all your questions are answered in this article still if you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact LGD Trade, a most trusted diamond trading platform for lab-grown diamonds.

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