What Are HPHT Diamond and How Is The Making Process

HPHT Diamond

The Lab Grown Diamonds are gaining popularity for a plethora of benefits offered by them. There are different types of lab created diamonds available in the market and it is necessary to understand each of them to select the best one for business or personal use. One of the most popular types of lab created diamonds is the HPHT Diamond. Today, in this article we will talk about HPHT Diamond and will also briefly explain How HPHT diamonds are made.

What is HPHT Diamond?

HPHT stands for High Pressure High Temperature. The experts of lab grown diamonds buy cheap and defective diamonds and use the HPHT process to craft its characteristics. The resulting diamond is a better looking and expensive one. This type of diamond is available in different shapes. It can be colorless or available in colors like yellow, canary, blue or pink.

How are HPHT Diamonds made?

The process of making HPHT diamonds is similar to the natural process of making diamonds under the earth. In a highly controlled lab environment a special machine is used. On that machine, high temperature and high pressure, equals to the pressure and temperature used in the natural process of diamond making under the earth, is created. To be loud and clear about the process, the temperature created is 2600 Celsius. This pressure and temperature produce the HPHT diamonds which are as beautiful as natural diamonds.

It may sound easy, but it is not easy at all. This high pressure and temperature actually result in multiple cracks in the diamond. Thus, it has to be done with expert supervision and careful operation. Furthermore, the machinery needs to recreate the environment below the earth is too expensive. Also, the lab to create HPHT diamond needs to be located in the allowed areas by the government. All these intricacies make the job of making these diamonds difficult, but the passion and allurements have attracted the diamond merchants in this industry.

This type of lab created diamonds is the best and biggest. It can only be used on the diamonds with high clarity, such as VS1, VS2, VVS1, VVS2, etc. The authorized merchants also use the GIA authorization to sell reliable and certified HPHT diamonds.

The HPHT diamonds are cheaper compared to the natural diamonds. Also, it doesn’t reduce the natural resources as in the case of its counterparts. Thus, many companies use this process to create beautiful diamonds in different shapes and different colors or colorless. This type of lab grown diamond recreates the complete look and feel of the natural diamonds. Only advanced spectroscopic techniques can differentiate these two.

LGD Trade is one of the leading names in the lab-grown diamond industry and it offers the best HPHT diamonds along with other types of lab-created diamonds like CVD Diamond, synthetic diamonds.

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