What’s The Difference Between IGI and GCAL Certified Diamonds?

Diamonds which you own or want to buy are one of the rarest things on this earth. We all know that. But do you know that these diamonds actually go…

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What Are CVD Diamonds and How Are They Made?

Diamonds are one of the rarest elements on our planet. Not only synthetic diamonds but also CVD diamonds and Lab-Grown Diamonds (LGD) have their own significance and market value. What…

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Cubic Zirconia

Synthetic Diamond vs Cubic Zirconia: What Is the Difference?

Synthetic diamonds are one of the most commonly used diamonds that are majorly used in making rings and other jewelry where diamonds are a major representation. The lab-created diamonds are…

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How are Lab-Created Diamonds formed in the Lab?

Lab-created diamonds are literally one of the most beautiful elements and even though they are of different types, like the Lab-Grown Diamonds (LGD)or other types, still, they are the most…

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