What Are CVD Diamonds and How Are They Made?


Diamonds are one of the rarest elements on our planet. Not only synthetic diamonds but also CVD diamonds and Lab-Grown Diamonds (LGD) have their own significance and market value.

What is CVD Diamond

Talking about CVD diamonds, it mainly resembles an artificial diamond which is created by geological processes. These kinds of diamonds are also known as HPHT diamonds and are produced after two common production methods which are the HPHT (High-Pressure High-Temperature) and the CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) crystal formation methods.

What Exactly are the CVD Diamonds?

A CVD Diamond which is also known as a lab-created diamond is made by a synthetic method as compared to the natural or real diamonds who are made with physical processes. Along with that, the CVD diamonds also started appearing in the gemstone Diamond market.

The process of manufacturing these diamonds involved bringing a gas such as methane into a vacuum chamber and breaking down the molecules of the same gas with microwaves that cause the carbon atoms to gather on a particular substrate.

A synthetic diamond which we also call as an artificial diamond is produced in an artificial process with respect to the natural diamonds who are created by the geological processes.

So, with this brief info about the CVD diamonds, let us move on another section of the post where we would discuss the methods to create CVD Diamonds.

Methods of Creating CVD Diamonds:

When it comes to manufacturing of CVD diamonds, there usually are two processes involved. One of the processes is the HPHT process and the other one is the CVD – Chemical Vapor Deposition method which is known for the extraction of CVD Diamonds.

The HPHT method has been successfully implemented since 1956 and it exactly replicates the natural process of manufacturing of all these diamonds. The energy as well as the equipment which is needed for the HPHT process is costly and manufactures such kind of diamonds who are mostly brownish or yellowish in color.

However, with the CVD process, it is an inexpensive process because of the way it works in moderate temperature along with low pressure which needs less expensive tools.

The colorless crystals could also be grown because the vacuum chamber contains carbon and some amount of hydrogen which can lead to the production of yellow or blue CVD diamonds crystals.

Now the main thing about all this is that where can you actually purchase credible CVD diamonds?

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