Guide on CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) Diamonds


A lab-grown diamond can be an HPHT Diamond or a CVD Diamond. Both of these diamonds are developed by using a particular technique: HPHT or CVD and as per the used technique, the diamonds are named. In this article, we will learn about the CVD diamond in detail.

What is CVD Diamond?

CVD Stands for Chemical Vapor Disposition which is one of the techniques used to produce the lab created diamonds. The diamonds, developed by the CVD process, are known as Chemical Vapor Disposition Diamond.

How CVD Process Works?

As the name suggests, this process uses the chemical under low pressure to develop diamonds from the seeds. In this process, a blend of hydrogen and hydrocarbon chemicals is used. At low pressure, this chemical mixture is introduced to the diamond seeds at the predefined temperature in a highly controlled environment. In this diamond growing environment, atomic hydrogen gets formed from some of the hydrogen used in the chemical. This atomic hydrogen assists in the formation of the lab made diamonds. The pure Chemical Vapor Disposition Diamond is formed when atomic hydrogen reacts with the hydrocarbon gas.

These CVD Synthetic Diamond are cut and polished in a similar manner and cost as the mined diamonds.

What Are the Benefits of the CVD Process over HPHT?

The CVD Diamond Process offers many pros compared to the process of creating HPHT Diamonds. Let me share the top 5 benefits of chemical vapor disposition process over its counterpart:

  1. The introduction of hydrocarbon gas lessens the impurities in diamonds.
  2. This process gives more control and flexibility in shaping the diamond. It also helps in controlling the size of the final diamond.
  3. The CVD diamond makers can be in command of the characteristics and properties of the diamond.
  4. One of the major benefits is a requirement of low process around 27 kPa, unlike the HPHT diamond development process which needs high pressure.
  5. It allows growing diamonds on different substrates and over big areas.

Top 3 Reasons to Buy CVD Diamonds:

There are many reasons to buy this type of diamonds. Let me share the top 3 of them to choose this type of diamonds over others:

  1. They are as beautiful as mined diamonds still they are less pricey compared to mined diamonds.
  2. This type of diamonds is grown in a highly controlled lab environment. Thus, it is safe and doesn’t harm the environment or doesn’t reduce the limited natural resources.
  3. The CVD diamonds are categorized as IIA Type of diamonds which is the purest form of the lab-grown and mined diamonds.

Conclusion: The lab created diamonds are more in demand because of its properties, beauty, and the cost. Both, HPHT diamonds and CVD diamonds are environment-friendly, and also away from any social and political conflicts. Enjoy the beauty of diamonds without any harm to anyone, not even your pocket!

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