How are Lab-Created Diamonds formed in the Lab?


Lab-created diamonds are literally one of the most beautiful elements and even though they are of different types, like the Lab-Grown Diamonds (LGD)or other types, still, they are the most beautiful and precise elements. The lab-grown diamonds are quite similar to that of real diamonds, yet the only difference is that they aren’t mined, but are made in labs. The prices thus are 20-30% less which makes them cruelty-free.

Have you ever wondered how the diamonds are made in mass? You just go and fetch a diamond as a buyer, but you should actually have knowledge about how they are made. Consider it as one of your lessons as to how the man-made diamonds are made.

While the buyer doesn’t really care a lot about how to make synthetic diamonds or how the development of lab-grown diamonds is done, still it is something which is really an interesting thing.

The creation of lab-grown diamonds is a really interesting process which involves such steps which would really bamboozle you. So, let us get familiar with the process of making synthetic diamonds.

How Lab-Created Diamonds are Formed in the Laboratory

First of all, in a lab-grown diamond growth chamber, a collection of the diamond beads are placed on a disc where a range of about 15-30 seeds is taken. After that, methane gas is emitted which forms a plasma with Hydrogen.

After the first step, the plasma ball is made in a gas chamber where this ball is filled with superheated gases and the lab-created diamond creating process is started. As it starts, a disc made of 15-30 diamond seed is then placed in the microwave reactor.

The next step involves raising the heat to 900-1200 C and this temperature is adjusted as per the type of the gemstone.

In the next step, the methane and hydrogen gases stick to each of the diamond seed which is referred to as activated carbon-hydrogen species. This process is continuously observed for about a month which means that the crystal appears like a 3-D diamond.

Taking advantage of the modern tech, a tech monitor is used to check if the seed has grown properly or not. If the monitor indicates that the lab-grown diamond is ready to remove, it is taken out of the chamber, yet it still isn’t ready to serve yet.

As soon as the diamonds are removed, they are sent to the gemologist for cutting where they are further polished and graded.

This process makes sure that the diamond gets a proper shape as well as quality and after that, it is added to a metal base which makes it fit to be used as a wedding or an engagement ring.

These are the steps which involve the creating and formation of lab-created diamonds. LGD Trade is a one-stop diamond trading platform in New York that connects lab-grown diamond traders to buyers across the world.

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