Synthetic Diamond vs Cubic Zirconia: What Is the Difference?

Cubic Zirconia

Synthetic diamonds are one of the most commonly used diamonds that are majorly used in making rings and other jewelry where diamonds are a major representation.

The lab-created diamonds are totally pure crystallized carbon made stones that are optically, chemically and physically identical to that of an earth-mined diamond, which makes it hard to tell the difference.

Is a Synthetic Diamond the Same as Cubic Zirconia?

A laboratory grown diamond is quite similar to that of a Synthetic Diamond. However, in a laboratory-grown diamond, the carbon atoms are arranged in a diamond cubic crystal structure, and the only difference is the origin of the diamond. Grown diamonds, as well as mined diamonds, have exactly the same properties and the same amount of hardness and purity levels.

On the other hand, we have a cubic zirconia diamond, which actually isn’t a diamond. The cubic zirconia merely looks like a diamond, yet it is not actually one, which means that it doesn’t have the properties which a real diamond possesses. It is just a diamond stimulant which contains zero-carbon, while the real diamonds (like the mined or grown) are made entirely from carbon.

And yes, this means that the cubic zirconia is a cheap imposter to such a diamond which has a different material entirely. However, a synthetic diamond is quite identical to a mined diamond, both in terms of hardness as well as dispersion.

The Cubic Zirconia is made of the synthetic zirconium dioxide in its crystalline form and could be used as a low-cost alternative to a proper mined diamond. As mentioned earlier, it doesn’t have any carbon diamond bonds in its creation. It differs chemically, physically as well as optically from a lab-created diamonds because of the lack of crystallized carbon.

In such cases, differentiating diamonds for a normal person becomes hard. It is important to find a trustworthy dealer so you can trade in the kind of stones you want.

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How Can You Tell Real Cubic Zirconia?

Cubic Zirconia is a man-made diamond and is not be considered real and Cubic Zirconia will appear very white. Cubic zirconia is not as hard as diamond. Cubic zirconia stones do not produce fluorescent light like diamonds. It may be cut differently from diamonds. Cubic Zirconia Weighs about 70% more than a diamond.

Is a Lab Created Diamond a Cubic Zirconia?

The Cubic Zirconia is made of the synthetic zirconium dioxide in its crystalline form. Cubic zirconia contains zero-carbon, whereas mined and grown diamonds are made entirely from carbon. Cubic Zirconia differs chemically, physically, and optically from the lab-created diamond because of lack of crystallized carbon.

What Are Synthetic Diamonds?

The synthetic diamonds are lab-created diamonds that are produced in a highly controlled environment in a specifically designed lab by mimicking the same environment as beneath the earth to produce natural diamonds. It imitates all properties and characteristics hold by natural diamonds.

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