Know Closely Lab Created Diamonds and Stimulants


The natural diamonds are created under the earth and it takes thousands of years. The extraction of natural diamonds also negatively affects natural resources and that is why they are also termed as blood diamonds. To preserve natural resources without compromising urge of wearing diamonds, the experts have invented the lab-created diamonds and stimulants. Both look quite similar, but there are many differences between those and we are going to unveil the same in this article.

The lab-grown diamonds are developed in a highly controlled environment under the supervision and guidance of highly experienced synthetic diamond makers. There are two different methods used to produce this type of diamonds:

1.       CVD (Chemical Vapour Deposition) and

2.       HPHT (High Pressure High Temperature)

Both of these diamond making processes aim to create the same natural environment in the lab as it would be created in case of natural diamond making process under the earth. A specific deposition process or very high pressure and temperature to replicate under the earth situation are created to fabricate lab grown diamonds. In both types of the diamond making process, the makers start with the diamond seeds and monitor it to make sure it adopts all properties of a natural diamond. That is why all lab-created diamonds hold all physical, optical, and chemical properties of a real diamond.

The diamond simulants are also the types of the diamond which can be produced artificially or naturally. They look quite similar to real diamonds and that is why it is impossible to find a difference by a common man. However, there are some characteristics that make it easy to identify with anyone. The diamond simulants are also known as imitation diamonds and generally used in the making of imitation jewellery. Unlike lab-grown diamonds, it doesn’t hold any optical, chemical or physical property of natural diamonds. It just imitates them. That’s why, with time, it will show signs of wear. It is less solid than lab-created diamond and that’s why easily get scratches and even can get a break, unlike synthetic diamonds that are solid and protects its properties and beauty for years.

The diamond simulants are mostly available as colorless pieces, unlike lab, created diamonds which are available in different colors. In fact, the colorless property of these diamond imitators is so high that it can get the first grade if it is graded with the quality measurements of the diamonds. There are different types of diamonds available in this category and some of the famous are Moissanite, Cubic Zirconia, and Rhinestone. The most commonly available one is Moissanite.

If you are wondering which one to buy, here is the final difference between both of these. The lab-grown diamonds are more expensive than diamond simulants for obvious reasons.

If you ask us, lab-created diamonds and stimulants are the best because they are more beautiful and best.

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