Top Reasons Synthetic Diamonds Are Cheaper than Natural Diamonds


Diamonds are forever and that’s the reason it always has been in heavy demand. In fact, some specific types of jewelry, such as wedding rings, engagement rings, etc., diamonds are the only stones considered to be bought. Of course, there are some cheaper yet equally attractive stones available in the market such as sapphire, emeralds, rubies, etc. Still, diamonds are the first choice for engagement and wedding jewelry and sometimes for other occasions as well.

Unlike traditional time, now, diamonds are available as natural aka traditional diamonds as well as lab-grown aka Synthetic Diamonds. The synthetic diamonds are lab-created diamonds that are produced in a highly controlled environment in a specifically designed lab by mimicking the same environment as beneath the earth to produce natural diamonds. It imitates all properties and characteristics hold by natural diamonds and that’s why there is nothing that is missing in this type of diamonds. They are as beautiful and they, too, are forever. Still, there is a considerable difference between natural and synthetic diamonds price.

What facts let you get affordable synthetic diamonds with the same beauty, quality, and forever value?

Well, natural diamonds are so expensive because they are rare. Each diamond is measured for quality from 4Cs – Clarity, Carat, Color, and Cut. The first 3 Cs – Clarity, Carat, and Color are natural and cannot really change by a human after evacuation from the earth. Of course, its cuts can be enhanced to make it look even more dazzling. The first 3Cs make diamonds rare. It takes thousands to millions of years to develop natural diamonds. Further, it incorporates the whole cost of careful evacuation and the final cost of giving a finishing touch to the raw diamonds. Each process is expensive and time-consuming, which makes natural diamonds so expensive.

On the other hand, synthetic diamonds are developed in the lab. It takes a few days to a few weeks to grow this type of diamonds, but much lesser time compared to natural diamonds. Furthermore, the experts have techniques to grow all types of diamonds to help to remove the issue of scarcity. This helps in reducing the synthetic diamonds price remarkably by meeting the demand and supply need.

The natural diamonds are also known as blood diamonds as there are many environmental and other threats connected with the whole process of diamond evacuation. All these issues add extra overheads to the cost of natural diamonds. On the other hand, synthetic diamonds are conflict-free. Thus, affordable synthetic diamonds are available in the market. Even some rare shapes and colors are also available in this category of diamonds. Furthermore, you will reduce the risk of harming the environment and other natural resources.

The synthetic diamonds are also sliding prices down from the past few years which made it affordable to everyone.

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