How to Take Care of Lab Grown Diamonds

Jewelry needs care and cleaning to keep its brightness and spark intact. The lab-grown diamonds also need your care and time to time cleaning so you can keep it looks…

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man made diamond shape

How to Choose Lab Grown Diamond Shape

The job of selecting a man made diamond is quite tricky. The lab grown diamond comes in various shapes and cuts and they look beautiful with its appeal, fire, brilliance…

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How Are Lab Grown Diamonds Made

The lab-grown diamonds are as beautiful as the natural diamonds and they hold the same characteristics as natural diamonds. Reducing the time of producing diamonds sounds amazing, but it can…

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lab grown diamond fluorescence

Guide on Lab Grown Diamond Fluorescence

Lab grown diamonds are very popular these days because they can be produced in less time than the natural process of growing diamonds. Just like natural diamonds, the Lab grown…

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Lab Grown Diamond Cut

5 Most-Loved Lab-grown Diamond Cuts

One of the biggest pros of Lab Grown Diamonds(LGD) other than being cruelty-free is that they come in a plethora of shapes and sizes. Since they are made from scratch…

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