Guide on Lab Grown Diamond Fluorescence

lab grown diamond fluorescence

Lab grown diamonds are very popular these days because they can be produced in less time than the natural process of growing diamonds. Just like natural diamonds, the Lab grown diamonds hold certain properties which vary from diamond to diamond. These properties of the diamonds make them differ with each other in terms of shine, price, etc. One of the very important properties in the diamonds is lab grown diamond fluorescence and we are going to learn about the same.

What is Lab Grown Diamond Fluorescence?

It is the tendency of the lab-grown diamond which produces colored shine while the diamond is exposed to ultraviolet light. In simple words, the colored shine of the lab-grown diamond at the time of exposure to the ultraviolet light is known as fluorescence and these can be in different colors such as, white, green, orange, yellow and blue.

Is Fluorescence a Performance Criterion?

Not really. The lab-grown diamond fluorescence is the characteristics used to identify the diamond and it is not really the criterion to judge the quality of the lab-grown diamond.

In certain cases, the lab-grown diamond fluorescence is good. Some lab-grown diamond looks one shade whiter because of fluorescence with enough ultraviolet rays. On the other hand, in some cases, it is considered as a defect in the lab-grown diamond because when too strong fluorescence makes a diamond look hazy which decrease its appeal.

Whether to buy Lab Grown Diamonds with Fluorescence or not?

As we learned about the fact that the fluorescence makes a lab-grown diamond look good as well as bad. It varies from case to case and this fact creates confusion about whether to go for a lab-grown diamond fluorescence or not? Here are some tips while you are dealing with the lab-grown diamond fluorescence:

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The lab grown diamond with fluorescence usually affects its price, appearance and color. Thus, the choice has to be made very carefully.

  • When you are buying a G-colored lab-grown diamond, you should avoid buying the lab grown diamond fluorescence.
  • When you are buying a lab-grown diamond in J, I or H color, then you can choose the one with medium blue fluorescence as it makes the diamond look a little whiter.
  • Listen to your heart. As mentioned earlier, the fluorescence in the lab-grown diamond is just a characteristic and not at all the quality criteria. Thus, regardless of the fluorescence characteristic in the diamond, you can buy a lab-grown diamond based on your own choice.

That is all about the lab grown diamond fluorescence. When you decide to buy lab grown diamond next time, you can use these tips and information to buy the best one!

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