How to Shop for Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings

How to Shop for Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings

Believe it or not, a large number of women do not know whether they will say yes, or no until they see the ring. It can be daunting for the man knowing that what he chooses to buy can determine whether she says yes or no. And that is not all, there are so many questions that will go through your head as you choose that ring and in most situations, the expert on the subject is also the person trying to get you to spend your money. But relax, this article will equip you with enough knowledge to go out and choose the right ring for your true love.

Many men have chosen to buy lab grown diamond engagement rings. The reasons they have vary and a discussion for a different day. However, based on research into how they went about purchasing these rings, we provide you with this guide on how to shop for lab-grown diamond engagement rings.

Browse the Internet

You are probably not a jeweler if you are reading this and so you know very little about the different designs out there and the cost of lab-grown diamonds. Luckily, the internet is your friend and there you can get introduced to several designs, colors, and options. Now, you wouldn’t want to end up with so many windows open for different websites. It is probably much easier if you can find everything in one place. Well, maybe you do not mind having several websites to look at, but what if all of them can be found in one place? LGD Trade would be the perfect place to browse different sellers and the products they have to offer. In fact, if you would like to purchase a stone and then customize the design, this would be a perfect place to find it.

Set a Budget 

After browsing, you should have a fair idea about what you can afford. Even though lab-grown diamonds are significantly cheaper than natural diamonds, they are not given away for free and the cost depends on what you choose. While browsing, you will have noticed what would be a reasonable price so you can set a budget accordingly. You should understand that clearer diamonds cost more than cloudy ones. Another thing to take into account when budgeting is that you cannot treat a lab-grown diamond engagement ring as an investment. You will not be able to sell it just because you urgently need money. You plan to give this to someone else as a symbol of your love so do not expect to get it back. Also, if she says no, chances are that you will not get back the exact amount of money you paid for it. You might have to sell it cheaper. LGD engagement rings do not appreciate in value.

Get Acquainted with the 4Cs

When you engage a jeweler and try to figure out which diamond is best, you need to understand the 4Cs. These Cs are what are used to determine the value of a diamond. You should understand how they are graded and know what would be best. In brief, the 4Cs stand for:

  • Color
  • Clarity
  • Cut
  • Carat

Get a detailed understanding of these because most of the discussion between you and the jeweler will center on them. This is also information that you are going to find on the certificate, so it is helpful to understand what they symbolize.

Confirm Authenticity

There are a lot of scammers out there trying to sell fake diamonds. The good news though is that the lab-grown diamond trade is highly regulated. Every diamond is issued with an authentication certificate. This certificate is issued by the same body that regulates the natural diamond trade. On the certificate, you can find information about the diamond. This will include its carat weight which usually is how you can determine its value. You are within your right to ask the dealer for the certificate for the diamond you intend to buy and if possible, have an independent jeweler confirm that the information on the certificate is accurate.


You might imagine that diamonds come in one shape as shown in most adverts. However, diamonds have different shapes. The round ones are the most common, but you can cut a diamond into the shape you prefer. If you are going to have a big diamond, then you have more to work with and it can be cut into a unique shape. But, you need to take into consideration what will appeal to your lady. Ask the jeweler about shapes and do your research to see what different shapes look like.


When it comes to diamonds, size matters. The bigger the diamond, the more impressive it will look. Of course, a bigger diamond comes with a higher price tag attached to it. But at the same time, when you are shopping for lab-grown diamonds, you know that they are about 40% cheaper than natural ones so you can get a reasonably sized one at a favorable price.


One of the beauties of buying LGD engagement rings is that you can get more colored rocks. Sure, they will cost you more but may be worth the effect they will have on your soon-to-be fiance. You can opt for these if you have the budget for it. With LGD, you can have a particular colored stone grown for you. Some of the colors they come in include green, brown, amber, and black. These can be custom-made for you.

Choose the Setting

When you have decided on the diamond you will buy, choose a setting as well. The setting can determine how much of the diamond is visible. The prong setting gives the best visibility for a diamond. It is also called Tiffany. However, you may also need to consider how firm the diamond will be with the setting you choose. Larger stones may need a more secure setting.

Return Policy

If you are buying your diamond online, but even from a local jeweler, it is important to know what return policy they have. Sometimes you may find what you ordered is not what is delivered or you no longer need the diamond. Find out how easy it will be to return it, what is involved if you need to return and under what circumstances are returns accepted.


Now all is set, you know what you want and you know who you can go to to get it. Make your payment and the rest is up to you. We are not experts in the most romantic ways to propose, but we wish you the best of luck.

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