How to Find the Best Lab Grown Diamond Suppliers

Best Lab Grown Diamond Suppliers

When lab grown diamonds were first introduced to the market, the main concern was “are they the same as natural diamonds”. Today however, a lot of information is available to provide evidence that these shiny precious stones are just as real as those that took billions of years to form.

But now, there are new concerns. Top among them is how to find the best lab grown diamond suppliers? You want genuine diamonds and you want to know they can meet your demand along with other concerns. So, here is the ultimate guide to help you.

Search for Variety of Best Lab Grown Diamond Suppliers

There are several varieties of lab grown diamonds that suit different purposes. You want to find a supplier who has a large stock of these jewels so that you do not have to keep on searching. It is much easier to have a one stop shop for all our requirements rather than dealing with several suppliers in different places. While it may be difficult to find a single supplier with all the varieties, it is possible to find a platform where they all converge so you do not need to look far. It is almost like shopping on Amazon. LGD Trade is one such platform that comes highly recommended.

Check Certification Of Best Lab Grown Diamond Suppliers

One of the key concerns about diamond suppliers is whether their product is genuine. Certification will help you determine between genuine lab grown diamonds and fakes. Seek a supplier who is transparent about their certification. Sometimes it can be near impossible to tell between the fake and the real thing if you do not have the IGI proof of diamond grade.

Track Record

Okay, you do not want to go to the new kid on the block and start dealing with them. It is always a good idea to find a LGD supplier who has been in the game for a while. But it is not just about being experienced in supplying lab diamonds. They need to have the backing of happy customers. This is why it is important to look for the best lab grown diamond suppliers on a site like LGD Trade. There, you will also see feedback from clients. It is a lot easier to determine how genuine their product is and if their service will meet your expectations. Compare reviews before you make contact with a particular supplier.

Inspect the Diamond

Certification may show you that the diamond is genuine, but you still have to inspect it. It is possible for lab grown diamonds to have the same grade and yet have different appearance. In most cases, buyers want clear diamonds. By observing the product with your naked eye, you can see how clear it is. The supplier should be able to provide a clear video of the diamond if you are dealing online but even when it is delivered, you should inspect it for clarity. This is particularly important if the diamond is being purchased as jewellery. Engagement rings, earrings and necklaces need to be crystal clear.

Carry out Price Comparison 

The best supplier will offer the best price. You should be able to compare the different prices for the same grade of lab grown diamonds. Once again, we cannot over emphasise the need to have a one stop site that attracts all the different suppliers and merchants. It is a lot easier when you can go through the profiles of the suppliers and look at the prices they indicate for the varieties you are interested in. But as you compare prices, look out for other factors that determine the price. Sometimes a diamond may be cheaper because it is cloudy and not crystal clear.

Examine cut Quality

What do you intend to use the diamond for? Are you making an engagement ring? Maybe you are fitting it into a tiara? Whatever the use, you need to choose LGD that have the exact or closest cut quality to what you would want. It may also be good to seek a second opinion or an expert opinion before you make the decision.


Contact the supplier and discuss the other details like delivery time, mode of payment and how you can guarantee that you will not be scammed. There is usually more peace of mind when you find a supplier on LGD Trade, because such things are already taken care of.

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