5 Most-Loved Lab-grown Diamond Cuts

Lab Grown Diamond Cut

One of the biggest pros of Lab Grown Diamonds(LGD) other than being cruelty-free is that they come in a plethora of shapes and sizes. Since they are made from scratch in the lab, diamonds can be made in innumerable shapes and cuts.

In this blog, we are going to tell you about 5 Most-loved Lab-grown Diamond Cuts:

5 Most loved Lab Grown Diamond Cuts

Round Brilliant

Round brilliant has been the timeless choice for your engagement ring. They are the most popular lab-made diamond shape and with a good reason! The round brilliant cut features 57 or 58 facets. These facets are designed to give out maximum brightness and sparkle. The cut of your round brilliant matters a lot too. If you take two diamonds with the same carat – a well-cut diamond will have superior light performance and sparkle when than a poorly cut diamond.

Oval Brilliant

Oval brilliant lab diamonds are another most loved fancy shape! Oval diamonds give out an elegant and unique style to your ring, with lots of sparkle and fire from the brilliant cut faceting pattern. Oval brilliant is a popular choice because the greater surface area of the oval makes it a makes it appear larger than other diamond cuts of the same carat weight.

Alike to emerald and marquise diamond shapes, the shape of oval diamonds help visually elongate shorter fingers.

Princess Cut

A classy and contemporary choice to the round brilliant. These lab-made diamonds feature a modified brilliant faceting arrangement for an amazing sparkle. The design was introduced in 1981, and they have been a great choice for nearly any style of the engagement ring since then. Princess cut diamonds tend to be priced slightly lesser per carat weight than round brilliants, making them of great desire. Choose a setting for your princess cut lab diamond that protects the pointed corners.

Emerald Cut

This specific cut as the suggests was originally developed for Emerald gemstones. Unlike brilliant cut diamonds like rounds, oval and princess, these cut diamonds are known as a step cut. The emerald cut gives the diamond a hall of mirrors effect, making this cut an excellent way for showing off the color and clarity of a diamond. These cuts are also known for giving off dramatic and distinctive flashes of light.

Cushion Cut

lab grown diamond

This is a distinct cut, it outstands amongst the lot. A romantic shape that is a beautiful fusion of round and square diamonds shapes. A cushion cut lab diamond is also known as a pillow cut. It has slightly rounded edges that give it a distinctive appearance. Similar to round brilliants, these lab-created diamonds have 58 facets and lots of brilliant sparkles. These cuts were originally an old-mine European cut, and have regained in popularity by vintage jewellery lovers.

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