How to Choose Lab Grown Diamond Shape

man made diamond shape

The job of selecting a man made diamond is quite tricky. The lab grown diamond comes in various shapes and cuts and they look beautiful with its appeal, fire, brilliance and excellence. All these make the selection process even more difficult. To be specific, the lab grown diamonds are available in 10 different shapes which are listed below in no particular order:

Top 10 Shape of Lab Grown Diamonds

  1. Round
  2. Asscher
  3. Oval
  4. Emerald
  5. Cushion
  6. Heart
  7. Marquise
  8. Princess
  9. Radiant
  10. Pear

These are the top 10 types of diamond shapes and each shape looks amazing. Apart from personal choice, there are some factors which can help you in selecting the diamonds shapes and cuts. Let’s talk about the top 3 factors in detail:

1. Weight and Size of the diamond

The man made diamonds appear in different sizes. Even if the weight is the same for two different diamond shapes, the size would look different. For example, asscher, and emerald diamonds usually have smaller size in terms of appearance compared to others despite the similar carat weight. If you like diamonds with bigger size, then go for marquise or princess shape diamonds. As per the expert lab grown diamond merchants these two shapes of the diamonds appear bigger than other types of diamonds of the same carat weight.

2. Cost of the diamond

Believe it or not, many factors define the cost of the diamond and if you are price conscious, this factor is the most important to give detailed consideration. Let’s see the most popular factor that affects the cost of the diamond. The major factor is the rough diamonds which get wasted because of a few extra cuts. The round shaped diamond is the most popular diamond shape, but it is more expensive compared to emerald and oval shaped diamonds which look fancier than the round one. The pear and heart shaped diamonds are also less expensive because of the same reason.

3. Latest trends in the market

The diamond shape and cut is considered based on the size, weight, appearance and cost of the diamond, but the most popular factor is the market trend. People won’t mind spending more to get the diamond of their choice and generally the choice is defined by the fashion trends. The hottest trends influence choices and lab grown diamonds are not an exception in it. To give a hint, 75% most sold diamonds are round shaped. The second most popular diamond shape is the princess cut. The rest of the shapes get in and out of the trend from time to time.

Infographics: How Are Lab Grown Diamonds Made

These are the top 3 factors, one may keep in mind while choosing and buying a man made diamond. One more factor is a personal choice. Everyone has a unique personality and based on the personality, one may choose a diamond which suits him the most.

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