How to Find the Best Lab Grown Diamond Suppliers in the USA

Lab grown diamonds are a magnificent choice over mined diamonds considering their price and eco-friendly production process. Despite the name lab created, these precious stones are just as beautiful as the natural ones and they keep gaining popularity and demand keeps on increasing. But, just like the natural stones, supply can be limited and if you are not conversant with the market, you may find it hard to find the best lab grown diamond suppliers in the USA. This guide will give you the best advice to help you get genuine lab grown diamonds at a good price. Here are procedures you can follow.

Do Research

This is the first and most important step toward identifying the best supplier. Your research should start with gaining general knowledge about lab grown diamonds. Find out what the best quality is and then identify some of the big names that are frequently mentioned within the industry. You could find blog articles like this and if need be, take down notes. It is also possible to join discussion groups where your questions can be answered and you can hear reviews from other people who have done business with different suppliers. You will find many lists online about the top suppliers of lab grown diamonds. Those can be filters to help you zero in on just a few of the best.

See the Product

You need evidence that the supplier actually has the product and is not selling air or even something you do not want. It is better if the supplier has 3D videos of the jewelry. This can give a clearer picture of what they can supply as opposed to photos that might even be from a different supplier. While you look at the product, take note of the quality. Hopefully, by the time you are looking at the diamonds, you have understood how to identify quality diamonds. The best diamonds are clear without any blemishes visible. Some diamonds may end up with impurities during the creation process and that makes them cloudy. You probably do not want such jewelry even if it may be cheaper.

Look at Documentation

The best suppliers of lab grown diamonds provide documentation to support their products. One of those documents will give you information about the origin of the diamonds. There are many growers of these diamonds but some are more reputable than others. Not all suppliers have labs, they source the diamonds from a lab. Identify the source of the diamonds using the documents provided so that you can be certain you are dealing with genuine suppliers.

But even more importantly, you need certification. Lab diamonds just like the natural ones are certified by gemologists. The American Gem Society (AGS) is a recognized certifier of diamonds. The certification confirms the quality of the LGD. This certification will look the same as one for natural diamonds since AGS is also responsible for certifying natural diamonds. Other certifiers for lab grown diamonds are Gemological Institute of America (GIA) and International Gemological Institute (IGI)

Check Return Policy

It is important that the supplier you choose has a fair after-sales policy. You do not want to receive a product and realize that it isn’t what you want but you cannot return it. The return policy can help you read into how much trust the supplier has in their gems. As long as you do not expect them to customize the jewelry, a fair return policy should have a period of between 14 and 30 days.

In the process of finding out about the return policy, you should also take note of the customer care service. How easy are they to talk to and how helpful are they. You do not want to get a headache as you deal with the supplier of lab grown diamonds.

Inspect cut Quality

Cut quality determines what you can do with the diamond. If you intend to use a diamond on an engagement ring, then you need one that can be easily cut to fit. You may need to do extra research on this topic as you attempt to find the right cut quality for whatever you intend to use the diamond for.

Find Variety

Although sometimes you may find it easier to deal with a lab grown diamond supplier in the USA who focuses on a particular variety of diamonds, the best suppliers will offer you a wider choice. The beauty of diamonds is in their variety. You might decide to get colored ones, or crystal clear ones, and so on. It is best if the same supplier can offer you the different varieties that you want instead of having to find a new supplier every time you want new types of lab grown diamonds. It also helps if you have done your research on the different types of lab grown diamonds so that you can choose good quality ones. 


To be the best, a supplier must have a good reputation. It is hard to be a new kid on the block and become better than those that have been in this business for long. You can find out the reputation of a supplier in the USA by finding out what other people say about them. Some jewelry suppliers are well known and their reputation can be read about online. A supplier with a lot of happy customers is more likely to please you as well. Take the time to see why reviewers seem to like the supplier and then consider if that is the same criteria you would use to determine the best.


What price is acceptable in your opinion. You can start by setting a budget and then looking for a lab grown diamond supplier who can supply the jewelry at that price. However, keep the expectation sensible. You do not want to hunt for the cheapest diamonds on the market or the most expensive. Carry out research and compare prices on different sites to help you determine what price would be realistic. At the same time, if a supplier seems too cheap, there may be a reason behind that which you should find out. Many times it could be because the diamonds are not genuine or they are stolen.

Supply vs Demand

What quantity of lab grown diamonds in the USA are you searching for? According to Forbes, there is a steady demand for lab grown diamonds and some labs fail to meet that demand. If you are looking for a supplier who can provide large amounts of lab grown diamonds, then you should verify if they will be able to meet your demand. Even though these diamonds can be grown faster than the natural ones, sometimes the labs cannot deliver as many as you may want within a short time.


To find the best lab grown diamond supplier in the USA, you will need to invest time and effort. Research will play a key role and the quality of the diamonds is equally important. Just like every product you may need to purchase, it is best if you can see a sample of what is on offer and you should have the option of returning the item if it doesn’t meet your expectations. Finally, ensure that payments can be made securely and fraud can be prevented.

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