Facts You May Not Know About Lab-Grown Diamonds

When you hear the term “lab-grown diamond,” most of you immediately flee. You have a distinct impression that the glistening gems are not genuine diamonds but rather a cheap counterfeit. Do you belong to this group of buyers? If this is the case, you are likely ignorant of information on diamonds that have been cultivated in a laboratory. We’ve uncovered some fascinating facts you may not know about lab-grown diamonds in this article. After reading it, you’ll see how foolish it was of you to refuse to acquire such gems in the first place.

Are you all set to learn more? Great! Let’s take a closer look. 

  • Diamonds that are identical twins: 

Diamonds created in a laboratory are not dupes; instead, they are exact replicas of naturally occurring diamonds. Surprised? You ought to be concerned about this. Some will read this point only once, but you should read it twice if you are one of such people. Let us be clear for your sake: Duplicate diamonds are those that contain Cubic Zirconia or Moissanite as the primary component. These fake diamonds have the same cut, color, and clarity as mined diamonds, but they don’t have any other qualities. On the other hand, these lab-grown diamonds are identical to naturally mined diamonds in terms of their physical and chemical makeup. That a result, they have the same brilliant brightness and luster as the diamonds themselves do. 

  • Certified diamonds:

To back up the prior statement, this particular issue has been raised. Unless you’re given a certificate, no one — not even you — will believe that diamonds created in a laboratory are precisely the same as diamonds mined. The GIA laboratories verify these lab-grown diamonds to provide customers peace of mind. This indicates that the diamonds, despite being created in a lab, are 100 percent natural. As a result, the certificate is sent with every transaction to serve as further proof. 

  • The same as mined diamonds in terms of grading :

You may be shocked to learn that gemological laboratories utilize the same four C’s for grading Lab-grown diamonds as they do for actual mined diamonds. As we already said, the International Gemological Insititute is what we mean when we use the word Gemological labs. Before disclosing lab-grown diamonds, these companies adhere to all applicable laws and regulations. As a result, lab-grown diamonds have the same quality characteristics as naturally occurring diamonds, such as color, carat, cut, and clarity. 

  • Produced using a CVD or HPHT method :

Remember that the initial diamonds are produced under tremendous pressure and heat in deep layers of the Earth’s crust. Diamonds originated billions of years ago and are mined today. The lab-grown diamonds are produced using a Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD) or High-Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) technique to ensure that they have genuine mined diamonds’ characteristics. However, as compared to the HPHT technique, the CVD procedure is far superior. 


  • High Tech Miracle:

Have you ever considered that diamonds produced in a lab may be a modern-day technological marvel? Yes, to perform the miracle, patented methods and unique equipment are utilized. Such a unique diamond is unquestionably formed from a diamond seed. The diamond crystal starts as a rough stone, but through time it develops into the beautiful gem we see today, with all of the same qualities. Because a genuine diamond is the hardest substance known to man, it undergoes a lengthy procedure to modify its chemical, electrical, thermal, and optical characteristics. 

  • Diamonds that are good for the environment :

Diamonds that have been verified by a laboratory, such as the New Dawn diamonds, are referred to as “green” diamonds. As a result, you’re probably wondering how a diamond might be environmentally beneficial. Right? If diamonds are produced in a lab, then everything is conceivable. As a result, the generation of lab-created diamonds does not cause any environmental damage. Natural diamond mining, on the other hand, necessitates removing a significant amount of Earth. Are you concerned about the environment? If that’s the case, you’ve been missing out on an incredible product. 

  • A resource that Can Be Maintained Over Time :

Even though natural diamonds are scarce, the demand for diamond jewelry continues to grow. Why do you think there are still unmet demands among potential buyers? The quantity of mined diamonds may be decreased, as will the growth of massive mines, but this will not affect human requirements. With these New Dwan diamonds, there is no longer any void. Because these diamonds are created in a lab, there is no risk of diminishing returns over time. In reality, they help to replenish the planet’s natural resources. 

  • Diamonds that will remain forever :

You must be well aware of the fact that diamonds endure a lifetime. However, most of you are hesitant to purchase these lab-grown diamonds because you are unsure of their expected lifespan. On the other hand, New Dawn diamonds are referred to as immortal diamonds because of their eternal existence. 

  • Origins Are Certainly Proven :

Natural diamonds and lab-certified diamonds are identical except for where they came from. While natural diamonds are generated deep under the Earth’s crust, lab-grown diamonds are made in a controlled environment. As a result, knowing the location of the diamond’s origin gives you confidence in the stone’s provenance. You’re under no obligation to linger. The lab certificate will include all of this information. 

  •  Less-expensive:

Lastly, lab-made diamonds are cheaper than naturally mined diamonds since they are created in a laboratory. This is not a prank call. However, it is possible to obtain the diamond of your dreams at an affordable and acceptable price. This is simply because diamonds are mass-produced in laboratories. It is possible to obtain reasonably priced, identically-cut mined diamonds, yes. Wow, isn’t it incredible? Put an end to your fantasies. Get to the place where you say ‘no’ to the lab-grown diamonds and finish your journey there.

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