Everything You Need to Know About CVD Diamonds

Everything You Need to Know About CVD Diamonds. 

As lab grown diamonds become common, certain terms are equally gaining traction. CVD diamonds are among search words. If you are one of those who is concerned about the effect diamond mining has on the environment but you still love the beauty of diamonds and would like to own or invest in them, then knowing more about CVD diamonds is important.

In this article, you will get all the information you need to know about them. We shall start from the basics like what they are and then progress to topics like where to find them and much more.

What are CVD Diamonds?

CVD diamonds are a type of man-made diamond. The acronym CVD stands for Chemical Vapor Deposition. They get their name from the process that they go through to be created.

Despite being man-made, these diamonds have every characteristic of natural diamonds. That is because the CVD process is a replication of what nature does through hundreds of years to create natural diamonds.

CVD rough diamonds are created by using a small piece of a diamond called a seed which is placed into a machine. This machine contains a chamber that is heated to temperatures as high as 800 degrees centigrade. Next, carbon gas is pumped into the chamber. A chemical process results from this and the gas will attach itself to the seed diamond, causing it to grow into a bigger diamond.

Though when explained here it may seem very easy to grow diamonds using the CVD method, it is a complex process that needs expert manipulation to ensure pure diamonds are formed.

CVD rough diamonds are so much like the natural diamond that even expert gemologists require specialized tools to tell them apart.

You should also know that the other type of lab grown diamond is called HPHT (High-Pressure High-Temperature diamonds)

CVD Diamond Manufacturers in India

CVD diamond manufacturers are boosting India’s exports. There are hundreds of manufacturers in different parts of the country, but Surat and Mumbai host the largest number of them. The increasing number of manufacturers makes India a huge supplier for hungry markets in the USA and Europe. Some of the companies that guarantee quality CVD Rough Diamonds and jewelry include the following.

Limelight Diamonds: The luxury brand diamond manufacturer is known for delivering some of the most coveted pieces of gemstones made by man. Their diamonds are sourced by top jewelers around the world. For them, it is not just about protecting a legacy, it is also their mission to conserve the environment.

Pious Eco Diamonds: The Mumbai-based CVD manufacturer is famed for its quality and consistency. They offer a wide range of jewelry made using their lab grown diamonds. Pious eco has a physical showroom as well as online for buyers outside Mumbai. They provide LGD in rough form for jewelry makers as well as individuals looking to create their own diamond designs.

Finegrown Diamonds: This manufacturer provides diamonds to wholesalers, retailers, and jewelers. They have a huge capacity lab which ensures they remain on top of the demand for the diamonds. The quality of CVD rough diamonds produced is premium and they are always happy to remind the customer that the diamonds are conflict-free and environmentally friendly.

Eco Grown Diamonds: Their diamonds are not just used for jewelry. Eco Diamonds provides diamonds for industrial use as well. Their range of clear diamonds are utilized in lasers as well as for crafting optical windows. They are also known for growing colored diamonds in pink and brown for the fashion industry. They are one of the biggest lab grown diamond manufacturers in Mumbai.

Rohin Diamonds: They have made a name for themselves in the international market. Rohin supplies man-made diamonds to dealerships in The United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, and many other countries. Their diamonds are certified and come in different sizes to suit the needs of varied clients. They also offer competitive prices.

DIYAM Impex: CVD diamonds are among the many business ventures they undertake. It is a well-managed corporation with quality as one of its key goals. The manufacturer is also engaged in real estate and the export of various products. Their diamonds can be purchased cut or rough. They also make jewelry which includes engagement rings which are one of the main attractions for buyers.

Aom Diamond: Despite being one of the new players in the lab grown diamond industry, Aom Diamond has positioned itself as a leader in the industry. Since 2017 when it was established, it has continued to deliver quality CVD diamonds to the market. They manufacture, trade, and have a retail outlet in Surat.

HARSHA Diamond: With over a decade of experience in diamond manufacture, Harsha Diamond can be trusted to produce some of the best diamonds on the market. Their influence extends beyond India with global retailers and wholesalers depending on their lab to produce products they can easily sell to their customers.

ABD Diamonds: Situated in India, ABD diamonds is one of the top suppliers of both CVD and HPHT diamonds to the USA. They have heavily invested in machines that can make diamonds quickly so that they maintain a consistent supply that meets demand. They provide a wide variety of man-made diamonds.

CVD Diamond Price

One of the driving forces behind the demand for CVD diamonds is their price. Despite remaining precious stones of high value, you would pay much less for them than for natural diamonds. For many shoppers, it is a case of getting more for less. The price of CVD diamonds can be between 40 and 60 percent less than natural diamonds.

When you understand the processes involved in mining diamonds and finally getting them to the market, it becomes clear why they are priced higher than those made in a lab by experts in the field.

The price however may vary according to the manufacturer. But, no doubt, what you would pay for the same carat weight of a natural diamond will be more than what you pay for LGD diamonds.

For actual prices, you need to contact sellers and get their quotes for whatever you need.

CVD Diamond Machines 

CVD diamond machines are probably the most expensive investment manufacturers have to make. The technology used to make the diamonds is not readily available to many people. Not all machines on the market will do an excellent job.

There is still a lot of research being carried out to improve the machines. Aspects such as how fast they grow the diamonds and the amount of energy used are still being perfected. However, many machine manufacturers have sufficient technology to meet the demand for diamonds grown in a laboratory.

Most makers of CVD diamond-making machines do not share the secrets about the design of their machines and the technology is patented so that they can continue to keep a hold on the market.

Anyone hoping to invest in the manufacture of LGD needs to find a maker of these machines and purchase them. In most cases, they also have to be installed in the lab by the makers.

Even then, the machines require expert technicians to handle the manufacturing process. Making diamonds using this technology is not like operating a coffee machine. Training and experience are needed.

CVD Diamond Machine Prices in India

Manufacturers of CVD diamond machines will have varying prices in India. Price can be determined by the capacity of the machine and its quality. It is important to have a discussion with the manufacturer about the machine that is being sold and how much it would cost to purchase one that meets your demand.


Even though natural diamonds still have more popularity than CVD diamonds, economists are certain that these eco-friendly gemstones will take up more market share in the coming years. With information like this available to more people, sales of the diamonds will step up.

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