7 Reasons to Buy Lab Grown Diamonds

7 Reasons to Buy Lab Grown Diamonds 

Your affection for someone can be symbolized by jewelry. When you walk into a jewelry store, however, you are faced with several decisions to make. Among them are: What type of jewelry should I buy? Can I afford that big bright one over there? Should I buy the natural one, or the lab-grown one? Plus many more questions.

Well, if you are looking for diamonds, we can help you answer one of those questions which is very important. We will give you 7 reasons to buy lab-grown diamonds. The first thing you should know about lab-grown diamonds, or LGD as they are also known, is that they are indeed diamonds with the same characteristics as those mined several miles away and deep down in the earth’s crust. This knowledge makes it easier to understand the 7 reasons that will be explained here. Let’s get started.

More Bang for the Buck

Everyone would like to get value for money, it is even better when the value you get is more than the money spent. Now here is a great fact about LGD. They are between 40% and 50% cheaper than natural diamonds. This doesn’t mean that you are buying “cheap” jewelry. These diamonds are simply produced in such a way that the added costs like machinery, labor, transportation, and at times provision of security- Usually associated with natural diamonds are not a factor. The process of growing the diamonds cuts out the middleman and all the costs associated so the final price is way lower. So what does this mean for you, the buyer? This means that you can buy way bigger diamonds at a significantly reduced amount. You would even be saving money to focus on more exciting activities with your loved one. For example, if you are buying an engagement ring, you will pay less and then have more money for your honeymoon or to start your new life together.

Regulated Trade

You might be a bit skeptical about lab-grown diamonds since people may just be growing poor-quality diamonds in private labs. Well, there is no reason for that skepticism. The trade in LGD is just as well regulated as natural diamonds. In fact, the diamonds undergo the same process of certification as natural diamonds.

You just need to have the right platform to find legitimate traders. Well, that is exactly where LGD Trade comes in. You can find genuine lab-grown diamonds on sale on this platform and you can engage them to provide evidence that what they are selling is indeed certified. It is a lot easier to find genuine LGD than natural ones. This is because you can get information about the lab where they were grown, its reputation, as well as certification for every product they sell.

Easier Access to Customized Diamonds

When it comes to jewelry, different people will have different tastes. For example, someone may have their eyes set on getting pink or green diamonds. In the natural world, however, these diamonds do not occur often. This means that it is hard to find such an option and if you do, it will be extremely expensive. Colored diamonds tend to be more expensive. When you choose to buy lab-grown diamonds instead, you can have your preference made specially for you. The process of growing diamonds in a lab is much faster than the millions of years mother earth takes to grow hers. So buying them from the lab guarantees that you can get the kind of diamond you want. This applies not just to the color but even to the shape and size of the diamond.

Guilt Free Diamonds

Would you like to be responsible for the cutting down of over 400 thousand trees? Do you want to be the reason one of the deepest holes was dug into the earth? How about bloodshed, how comfortable are you knowing that a number of innocent children died or lost their parents because you would like to have a shiny rock to give your dear one? This is the guilt that comes with owning natural diamonds. With Lab-grown diamonds, however, you can rest assured that ethical practices were involved in making them available to you (unless you bought them off a shady character on a street corner). LGDs are considered to be green diamonds. This is because they are eco-friendly. If you care about the environment and protecting innocent lives, you will find comfort in owning these diamonds instead of those that put a strain on the environment

Better Clarity

The best diamonds are supposed to be clear. The clearer the diamond, the more it’s worth. White diamonds formed naturally however may not be as clear as you would want them to be. There is very little control you can have over the clarity of a natural diamond. If you love your white diamonds near perfect, then lab-grown ones would be the best option for you. The scientists have complete control over the process that creates these stones so they can ensure near perfection every time.

You are Funding Future Technology 

It is far more than just about fashion. Lab-grown diamonds have extensive use in the world of technology. For example, electric cars may be helped to charge faster if certain components are made using diamonds. Obviously, diamonds mined are too expensive and limited to be put to industrial use. However, diamonds from a lab could be a less expensive option. Such technology however needs to be funded. Now, you do not have to directly make a contribution to such research for the future. When you buy LGD jewelry, part of the profits are used to fund the research. So far there is already a promising indication of success and if you would like to foster improved technology in health care, mechanics and so much more, then you should buy lab-grown diamonds.

It is Trendy 

Getting back to fashion, LGD jewelry is trendy. You will not be the odd one who buys these stones created in a lab. Many of the major diamond dealers in the world have opened up sections within their operations to grow and market the rocks. Celebrities too are wearing these precious stones and they look splendid.


We live in a world where some of the major concerns include climate change and dwindling resources. Buying lab-grown diamonds is a wise thing to do because you limit the impact on the environment and you know that it is a sustainable trade. Remember too, that lab-grown diamonds are as real as natural ones and yet you save a lot more money when you buy them. To read more about LGD, click here.

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