4 Differences Between Lab Grown Diamonds and Mined Diamonds


Lab-Grown diamonds – LGD is a thing of the future. Anything that is of the future should be smart, sustainable and resourceful. Now, what makes lab-created diamonds a thing of the future? We reckon it is everything about them right from how they are manufactured to the value they behold in the eyes of the diamond enthusiast.

One thing to note patrons generally confuse lab-grown diamonds with synthetic diamonds, but that is a blunder. As synthetic diamonds do not have resemblance with real diamonds with regards to their chemical structure and properties. Lab-grown diamonds(LGD) have the exact same carbon bond formations as they are in naturally available diamonds.

In this blog, we will talk about why lab-grown diamonds are the things of the future and how different are they from naturally available diamonds.

4 Differences Between Lab Grown Diamonds and Real Diamond

1. Cruelty-free

Though the Kimberly process is active and propagates the fair treatment of diamond mining workers in the forest of South Africa and other areas, it is not very effective to date. There is still the ill-treatment of diamond workers at the lower end of the spectrum financially and otherwise. Lab-grown diamonds remove all the possibilities of such maltreatment in the process of creating diamonds as they are generated completely in controlled lab environments.

2. Cost-effective

Plainly speaking the cost of lab-grown diamonds are 25 to 35 per cent less than that of mined diamonds. There are less equipment required and fewer people in the process of creating diamonds in a laboratory.

3. Renewable

It takes thousands of years for a dead carcass to be fossilized under the ground to become a diamond. While it only takes some months to create lab-grown diamonds.

4. Harm to Nature 

The environmental effect of mined diamonds is worse than that of a lab-grown diamond. This is how the environment is affected by creating one carat of lab-grown diamond vs. mined diamond.

Lab Grown Diamonds – 1 caratMined Diamonds – 1 carat
Mineral Waste
1.2 pounds5,260 pounds
Carbon Emissions
0.028 grams57,000 grams
Water Usage
18 gallons127 gallons

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