11 Interesting Facts About Lab Grown Diamonds You Do Not Know

Lab-Grown Diamonds – LGD, also known as engineered or cultured diamonds and several other names, are grown in highly controlled laboratory environments using high-end technological processes like CVD and HPT that duplicate the conditions under which diamonds naturally develop under the Earth’s crust for millions of years.

In this article we will share the top fascinating facts about Lab Grown Diamonds:

1. Lab-grown diamonds(LGD) are known in the market with many names like lab-made diamonds, cultured diamonds, lab-created diamonds, CVD diamonds, etc.

2. The laboratory-grown diamond production has reached close to 2million carats as of 2019 and by the year 2026, it is expected to cross 20 million carats.

3. They are not synthetic diamonds, as the latter does not have any properties of carbon-like structural properties. Examples of synthetic diamonds are moissanite or cubic zirconium (CZ) -they only resemble the beauty of diamonds.

4. To maintain the process of formation for real diamonds, these diamonds are created under Chemical Vapour Deposition (CVD) and HPT (High-Pressure Torsion) procedures.

5. The physical, chemical and structural properties of a Lab-created diamond is the same as that of a mined diamond. It is made up of a 100% crystallized carbon, just as a real diamond.

6. Every high-quality lab-grown diamond is type IIa, that is that they are the purest form of diamond available. Such diamonds are harder and more brilliant than a traditional type Ia diamond. Only 2% of earth-mined diamonds will have such a level of perfection.

7. Lab-grown diamonds have significant environmental advantages over mined diamonds as they require a fraction of the resources than mining operations.

8. Lab-grown diamonds are up to 25-30% less costly than their natural diamond equivalents.

9. Lab-created diamonds are conflict-free, cruelty-free, sourced from first world countries.

10. By choosing a lab-grown diamond versus a mined diamond you are reducing the harmful impact diamond mining has on the environment.

11. Lab-created diamonds are graded at the same labs where earth-mined diamonds are certified.

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